A few weeks ago, I met up with my former college attendee “JoshxHanley” a very dangerous conversation if I do say so myself. Speaking to Josh for even one second will have you call your manager and say “stick your job up your a**” The Effects of speaking to josh will also split your family down the middle, half will think that you’re crazy, for the fact that you’re taking your back pack with you around the world to pursue your dreams. The others will cry because they will miss you and commend you on being brave.  

So yes, you guessed it, Josh opened up his back pack. To the ingredients for finding oneself, he added his clothes, camera equipment and the most important ingredient of all his dream. The destination is thailand, (one way ticket) and then any other country that wishes to be the successor. At first glance I would dub josh as a travel vlogger, however after speaking to him, a more accurate description would be content creator. He produces music, he also raps, creates spoken word pieces and on top of that he is a travel vlogger of course.

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