You may find yourself occasionally talking to yourself, although you and others alike may find it strange, embarrassing and even weird it can actually be extremely beneficial to your mental health, helping to defeat anxiety, improve your overall confidence and even help you achieve further success. Before you go off on your own tangent, we have gathered together 6 shocking benefits of talking to yourself below.

1. Ability to control your emotions

Most psychologists will agree that the majority of our emotions are formed through both what we think, what we do and what we experience. Positive self-talk allows us to tap into our emotions and turn negative situations into positive ones, lifting our mood and even increasing productivity. So, how exactly are you supposed to go about positive self-talk? Try changing negative thoughts into positive ones, remind yourself that ‘you look great today’, how you ‘can’t wait for work!’ or even remind yourself in the morning that ‘today is a great day to be alive’. This is a simple way to become an even bigger optimist, with the possibility to lift your mood and allow you to feel good about yourself.

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